Links to interesting gardening and food sharing related activities, websites, organisations and publications.

Research projects

Economic alternatives in Czechia

Website of the project funded by the Czech Science Foundation (No. 14-33094S) based at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University and led by Nadia Johanisova. Members of the project team Spaces of quiet sustainability participated in the Economic alternatives in Czechia project which explored Czech informal economic practices including food self-provisioning and sharing. Website only in Czech.

Between home and nature: urban political ecology of allotment gardening in post-socialist city and its urban impacts
Research project led by Petr Gibas (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences) focused on alltoment sites in Prague.

An ERC project using a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach to assess the practice and sustainability potential of city-based food sharing economies.

Sharing & Caring
COST Action aiming to develop a European network of actors focusing on the development of collaborative economy models and platforms and on social and technological implications of the collaborative economy through a practice-focused approach.

Global Informality Project
Online resource global collection of invisible, yet powerful informal practices.

Websites and organisations

Czech Union of Allotment and Leisure Gardenes
Website of the Union of mostly allotment gardeners with over 170,000 members in Czechia.

Urban Food Futures
A blog in English and French on urban gardening, food distribution and consumption aimed at dissemination of academic knowledge to the general public.
Emma Burnett’s article about home gardening as a form of resilience (based on a paper by the research team members) here.

Foodie Hub
A web platform connecting academics and undergraduate and postgraduate students and food enthusiasts interested in food issues.
Selected scientific publications
Previous publications of the project team members. For current publications see Publications and media.

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