Thinking food like an East European: A critical reflection on the framing of food systems

Petr Jehlička, Miķelis Grīviņš, Oane Visser, Bálint Balázs
Journal of Rural Studies. (in press). Open access until 9 July, otherwise standard access via ScienceDirect.

Recently published provocative but also reflexive paper arguing that international food and agriculture studies constitute a research area that would particularly benefit from insights obtained from research conducted in the world’s peripheries—in this case, specifically from insights on East European food systems. Instead of seeing them as textbook case studies of undeveloped, traditional and hence uninspiring systems, authors propose to study them from the East European perspective. This enables researchers to move away from a unidirectional development path and to acknowledge the diversity, resilience and unintended but real sustainability of the melange of East European formal and informal food systems.